Life Science Company News is The First At-Home Neuro-Optimization System to Incorporate Heart Coherence Training With Brain Training to Help People Manage Stress

WHISTLER, B.C., Oct. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ --, a personalized neurotechnology company, will soon launch its wearable headset that utilizes a Pulse Oximeter sensor to treat stress by not only measuring heart rate variability (HRV) but also training it. uses a headset and app to read heart signals and translate them into audiovisual cues, acting like a mirror for the mind and heart.'s personalized training approach is supported by decades of research and clinical work on increasing physiological adaptability and mental wellbeing. is arriving at an optimal time, slated for consumer launch in Q2 2022. According to the American Psychological Association, American adults report feeling more stressed today than ever before. 47% of adults have reported feeling anxiety, 44% feel sadness, and 39% feel extreme anger. Additionally, 67% of adults said the number of issues America is facing is overwhelming to them.'s innovative headset is designed to bring a full suite of clinically-developed neuro training to the consumer in the comfort of their own home, and into the palm of their hands. The system both trains and stimulates the central nervous system through audiovisual cues and light therapy, with real-time reading and adapting to both the heart and brain's activity.'s unique brain and heart workout clears brain fog, helps calm your nervous system for sound sleep and builds memory capacity.

"We believe that through, anyone can finally have access to world-class neuro-optimization technology in the comfort of their own home and at an approachable cost," said Paola Telfer, CEO, and founder of "One of the many benefits of is the ability to reduce stress and increase happiness. Many people struggle to reduce stress levels quickly and long term. This is where comes into play, utilizing personalized HRV and neurofeedback training technology; it empowers people to quickly summon calm when they feel stress and more importantly, train calm as a long-term, substance-free habit. "

Managing their stress response allows people to perform better and increase happiness. Heart rate variability training, is also referred to as heart coherence training. This state of heart coherence occurs when your heart rate smoothly moves up and down like the rise and fall of a wave. This state of heart coherence is incredibly peaceful and calming. A high HRV is a known indicator of a flexible and balanced central nervous system.

Training with not only helps users increase their HRV over time but can also teach them how to enter a state of heart coherence. The HRV training can be used on its own, or as a primer to improve the brain's response to a neurofeedback session. By using's programs, the mind-body connection and overall cognitive function will be strengthened.

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About is an adaptive brain training system designed to help people rewire their brain for peak performance in the comfort of their own home. Through its innovative headset, packed with technological innovations, the system provides real-time feedback to continually personalize training and challenge the mind's potential. has the unique ability to provide objective functional testing from home so you can track changes as you expand your mental flexibility and awaken your genius. For more information visit

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